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Steve buys baseball and nonsport cards 1880-1980,
and is local to Arizona

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Baseball and nonsport tobacco, cigarette, and gum cards take up a lot of space, easily lose value if damaged or not stored properly, and could be worth money that you can put to good use. Selling cards on eBay is extremely time-consuming and can be frustrating dealing with lots of people and paying the high eBay fees. Selling to a large buyer often means receiving very little for your cards to cover the buyer’s cost of doing business, including store rent and employee salaries.

That’s where Steve comes in. Selling your cards to Steve will be a great experience. Steve is a computer science teacher and author who has always loved collecting cards and does not have high overhead so he can pay you what your cards are worth. Steve lives in Arizona and can therefore visit you anywhere in the state, depending on the size of the collection. He can pick up the cards often within 2-3 days and pay you on the spot.

Why sell your cards to Steve?

Highest prices

Steve does not have a staff or store (except on eBay), it’s just Steve! And Steve only buys within the Southwest and mostly just within Arizona, so very little travel. Therefore, his costs are low so he can pay more for cards.


Steve sets up visits shortly after you contact him. He will pay for the cards on the spot and remove them the same day.


Steve lives in Arizona, making it easy for him to visit you for large quantities of cards.

    Please tell us about your cards